Currently I am...
Nothing, I'm so lazy.
Sherlock s3, Teen Wolf 4, and The Legend of Korra

Fun Fact
Mosquitos are attracted to people who just ate bananas

Weekly Song
Already Home
by A Great Big World

European History Fun
The Rennissance in Italy
Bernini had a mistress, who was married, when he found out she was cheating on him with his brother, he slashed her face open

Fun History Fact of the Week
Roman Emperor Gaius made his beloved horse a senator

The only letter that doesn't appear in the periodic table is "J"

Mythology of the Week
The wolf raised the boys, until they were adopted by a shepard
to be continued....

Mythology of the Week
The Bi-Frost connects Asgard to the other 9 realms

More at some point when I can actually find time

I'm really enjoying writing these for all of you, I hope you enjoyed reading!

for carriehiddlebatch | ‘celebrating 1,000 followers’ gift winner.

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Hold me like we’re going home
Turn your tears to rain
Bury me beautiful
Heaven knows how I loved you.

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You don't smoke. I also don't frequent cafés. 
(Mycroft Holmes in A Scandal in Belgravia)
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At least, let me
pave with a parting endearment
your retreating path.

— Vladimir Mayakovsky, Lilichka!

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magazine series [x] // “…the BBC will feature an upcoming documentary about London’s own Sherlock Holmes, and his companion John Watson.”

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Ily all!

thanks cutie owo

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